Accessibility: TJI will leverage the presence of AIIMS in the city. Jodhpur can be transformed into a health city through proper planning of the matters related to health at every level including primary healthcare, specialized hospitals, preventive care and alternate medicine, telemedicine, medical tourism and health education.

Cost: To deliver high quality healthcare at low cost, besides government hospitals, TJI will work on methods, where private hospitals are incentivized to provide a cross-subsidization between high income and low income patients, as well as extensive use of ICT to monitor the tests and medicines prescribed by private hospitals. TJI will create models, where living expenses for families of patients are reduced dramatically, and where the overall efficiency and utlilization of resources by public and private hospitals goes up substantially.

Quality: Attracting to Jodhpur best medical and nursing staff from across the country, is a critical part of the strategy to enhance the quality of healthcare. In the short term, creating partnerships with specialized hospitals from across the country, leveraging telemedicine and bringing access to government insurance schemes would be a part of the focus on quality.

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