Environment And Sustainability

The Jodhpur Initiative

Sustainability and Environment

The Jodhpur is the city of the wealthy, but also the city of the sensitive. Alongside, the people of Jodhpur are peace lovers. Thus, making them sensitive to the tenet of living more with less, is an effort that is likely to succeed. With most resources coming from out of the city, the city needs to be reminded constantly how to use resources sparingly. With the best solar radiation resource of the country available in the city for a large part of the year, the city requires harnessing this natural, renewable resource for energy generation.

Living on the south-eastern edge of the Thar desert is challenging for the people of Jodhpur. The frequent dust storms in summers, the scorching heat for over four months, and the dynamically changing weather away from the arid… are some of the major challenges. Poor handling of water matters, lack of mechanisms in the city to handle sewage, sullage, storm water drainage and solid waste are key challenges that need to be addressed urgently.

1. Target

To prepare a plan for the mobility in the city, TJI resolves to understand and highlight to the city issues that deal with:

  1. Sustainability, be it from the standpoint of making passive built environment with low carbon footprint, sparingly using the natural resources or importing limited resources from outstations;and
  2. Environment, be it for greening it, protecting it or improving it.

2. Immediate Actions

To achieve the stated targets, TJI will:

  1. Elaborate to the city the various aspects that affect sustainability of the city, its people, its resources or its built environment; and
  2. Highlight the factors that are responsible for the deterioration of the environment and thereby the quality of life in the city of Jodhpur, and work towards finding solutions to these factors.

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