A Volunteer joins TJI to develop skills, gain experience and give something back to society. Often she/he will have compelling reasons and personal experiences that encourage her/him to become a volunteer. A volunteer is not an employee or a substitute for one. She/he loves to give time to TJI initiatives. Volunteers contribute an enormous range of experiences and skills to the society. They work in specific domains - Education, Health, Tourism, Sports,etc. A Volunteer will work closely with a Champion of TJI.

The Jodhpur Initiative is looking for Bright, Innovative, and Promising candidates as Volunteer who will be willing to take up the challenges and deliver in the 9 specific focus areas as listed in the following pages. Each focus area has been further categorized into four sub-categories. If you want to learn, or apply your knowledge, or contribute through your experience, please email your brief resume. Please note: We do not accept any attachments at the moment.

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