The Jodhpur Initiative (TJI) is a not-for-profit organization that envisions in promotion of economic growth and prosperity for the citizens of the City of Jodhpur. This involves growth of the City, employment opportunities for both skilled and non-skilled occupations, and an overall better living.

TJI’s model for economic development focusses on two key approaches:
  1. Build on current economies, sectors and clusters.
  2. Diversify into newer, high productivity, high value manufacturing and knowledge economy.
TJI envisages to build the City of Jodhpur by:
  1. Generating new employment opportunities.
  2. Triplicating theGDP (in USD)by 2022.
  3. Increasing theGDP per capita (in USD)by a factor of about 1.5 by 2022.
TJI believes in achieving the goal of development by:
  1. Supporting and improving the existing industries. Local markets and industries have been in existence for years, and therefore, least policy interventions will be required.
  2. Replicating successful business ideas from other states for expansion of local industries with existing infrastructure. This would require minimal involvement and impetus from the state government.
  3. Building new infrastructure and road network. Immense business opportunities exist in Jodhpur in the areas of: automobile, farm equipment, earthmoving, heavy engineering, and aerospace and defense production. This would require working in close conjunction with the State Government.

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