Debasish Guha

Debasish Guha, is an Architect from SPA; Delhi and Urban Designer – planner from Mc Gill; Montreal. He joined ARCOP Group in 1974 and has been Director with ARCOP Associates Pvt Ltd since 1984. He has 40 years’ experience in the profession as a Designer. Through his involvement in Challenging projects, Guha has acquired a wealth of knowledge be it the design, construction or Administration of planning, urban design, architectural and interior design projects. This knowledge has been applied to the creation of architectural designs of high quality and standards.

With his diverse experience of designing versatile challenging projects locally and internationally, he is currently leading teams of Architects, Planners and Urban Designers on various various projects in India and Sultanate of Oman including projects of national importance like the IIMs, IITs and Projects for Govt of Oman.

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